The shape and structure of the system are often tailor-made. The size of the extinguishing zones is, such as the application, very defining.


Characteristic of the iluvia extinguishing system is that the extinguishing network consists of several extinguishing circuits and thus zones.


The different circuits can work independently of each other or can be linked by software.


To control these circuits, we use a central collector.

For the design and control of this collector, we always start from the following safety standards:

iluvia collector

The collector has the following features:

Existing extinguishing circuits can be easily integrated into the Iluvia collector.


The extinguishing command is not fully automatic. The extinguishing is activated by an operator. For each extinguishing zone we provide a secured panic button.


In addition, secure inputs are also provided to activate the extinguishing via other means.

This activation is managed by you, f.i.:

Important processes are active in the background:

This way you start your production daily with a quiet mind.

Iluvia stands for simple and intuitive control and follow-up.


We also make the necessary visualization software accessible for a desired integration into your own visualization / control.




The Iluvia extinguishing NOZZLES are part of the extinguishing system. The shape and quantity are determined by your project.


You can purchase the extinguishing nozzles separately without the Iluvia installation.


The extinguishing nozzles are all self-closing: as soon as the water pressure drops below two bar, a pin closes the extinguishing opening.

Thanks to this concept, the extinguishing nozzles can be placed in the crusher housing without the risk of blockage.


Another feature of the self-closing technology is that we continuously test for pipe breakage: we feed the pipework with a low water pressure where the extinguishing nozzle remains closed. When we do measure a flow rate in this state, you will receive an alarm of water leakage.


The extinguishing nozzles are available in all forms.

Extinguishing nozzles in the crusher room

If the possibility permits, we replace the existing fastening bolts with compatible Iluvia extinguishing nozzles.


To obtain a long service life, the extinguishing nozzles are made of wear-resistant steel.


Iluvia extinguishing nozzles to replace the existing deluge nozzles

The existing extinguishing circuits can be fully integrated into the new collector. You can replace the standard ‘deluge’ extinguishing nozzles by the Iluvia extinguishing nozzles.


This replacement offers the advantage that in this case a water leak detection can be performed on this circuit.